About Us

Funny how life works and puts certain individuals in your life.
This happens to be one of those stories but there is no damsel in distress, just three individuals that met at a gym and had a passion for lifting, life, and so much more. As time went on we became more of a family and decided to put all of our passions into a brand. Our brand J.B. Boss was born.
As J, B, and Boss we ended up creating a trifecta that allows us to be fucking limitless with our brand. We take extreme pride in our hands on approach and being able to screen print our own apparel. We love what we do and we thank you for joining us on this journey!

Meet the Team

  • J


    J is the muscle behind the hustle of J.B. Boss. Fearless when it comes to living life in the fast lane on his motorcycles. In his free time you’ll find him at the gym throwing iron around or doing jujitsu throwing people around.

  • B


    B is the one behind the scenes doing the in-house artwork and photography. When she’s not designing you’ll most likely find her getting dirty laying down some ink on some fresh tees or in her free time she’s been trying to master the wheelie on her mountain bike.

  • Boss


    The man with the plan and the beard. He has had an entrepreneur spirit ever since he was young. If he’s not getting his hands dirty dragging ink you’ll find him shaking hands, making connection, and getting shit done. He’s all about hard work, dedication, and making the most of life.